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Limitless Energy eBook

I have spent years creating a simple system to help my clients reclaim the energy of their youth and I want to share it with you. This is how I reclaimed my energy and my life! I know that I could not have recovered my energy and health any other way. 

Mineral Power eBook

Curious about hair mineral analysis and my detox program Mineral Power? This eGuide tells you all the benefits of the program and how you can heal your health conditions naturally with detox, supplements custom to your body chemistry, and diet and lifestyle changes.

Survival Guides

The Modern Paleo Survival Guides will help you easily get a glance of my updated version of Paleo - Modern Paleo. Learn the Modern Paleo Foods, Guide to Food Quality, Fat & Oils, Protein, How to do a Food Elimination Diet and the Modern Paleo Shopping List. 

Diabetes eGuide

Learn the mineral deficiencies and toxic metals that promote diabetes and blood sugar issues. Learn about taking the right supplements and balancing your body chemistry so that you can reverse and prevent diabetes. 

Toxic Metals Guide

Industrial manufacturing unleash metals into our air, food and water. This guide will tell you the most common sources of toxic metals. You'll be surprised the many health issues and and symptoms these metals cause. Are they causing your symptoms?

Live To 110 by Weighing Less eGuide

This book details an effective weight loss solution based on the latest nutritional knowledge and science. It details essential tips that you must adopt to lose weight and the 15 habits of highly effective eaters.

Food-Based vs. Synthetic Supplements

You want to take supplements that are as close to their natural form as possible. That’s why it’s my personal belief that food-based supplements are better than synthetics and should be taken if you can tolerate them. 

Minerals: The Most Important Supplement

Minerals are the spark plugs of life. They are required to have sufficient energy and health and to detox the body. Mineral depletion is truly at the root cause of all disease. Learn why they are so important!

Top 5 Forms of Magnesium

You need to take magnesium every single day. I take several forms per day because different forms perform different functions in the body. Choose between these top 5 forms of magnesium. 

Top 5 Supplements to Aid Sleep

These are my top 5 supplement recommendations for anyone struggling with poor sleep quality. Biohack your sleep and take your sleep quality one step further with these top supplements to aid sleep!  

 Top 10 Supplement Ingredients to Avoid

What you don’t about supplements know could harm you. Many cheaper brands (and even expensive ones) have questionable ingredients. Learn the top 10 ingredients that you should avoid.  

The Ultimate Guide to Better Sleep

In this guide you will discover 15 biohacks to stop insomnia and night waking. Learn which supplements actually work to improve your quality of sleep. Find out how to improve energy with minor adjustments to your lifestyle. 

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